Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ugh, why is everything I try to photograph come out wonky!?! I swear, this is not as warped as it looks. or blue. or crooked. ahhhh

Anyway, this is the beginning and center of my Portland(ia) tea towel. It'll combine elements of the show Portlandia and my own favorite iconic things about Portland. This center part is a giant pigeon sitting on the Steel Bridge, with "put a bird on it", a line from the show(it's art!). I love the pigeons that hang out on Pioneer Square, and the I used to have to ride over the Steel Bridge for the first few months I was lived there to get to work.

Next up, is going to be this in all four corners:

I have it printed on already (though one came out crooked, so I may try bleaching and reprinting it. Or I may just leave it.) I'll add the backstory when I post the finished product's entry

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Better pictures of those pockets! (although you can really see all my mistakes!)

Monday, April 4, 2011


Flapper lady from Sublime Stitching's pattern

"Yachting with T-Pain"

The Lonely Island + vintage sailor patterns = shit no one understands!!

"I <3 Manatees"
This was a tote bag I made for the I heart Manatees swap on Craftster. It was before I had a transfer pen, and I had to take the whole damn canvas bag apart and tape it to the window to transfer my images.

Never again.

"Smokey Say"

I made this for my dad a few years back (2007?) for his birthday. My grandpa worked for the Forest Service for years and years and Smokey has always been an enigma in my family. On a related note, the current fire safety campaign is terrifying. It's like super aggro Smokey with the phrase GET YOUR SMOKEY ON.

Eek, do not want.

This image was taken from a coloring page via the USForest Service's kids web page.

Friday, April 1, 2011

18th century pockets made for a Halloween costume. Definitely not accurate, though the patterns came from an 1890s catalogue. I wish I had better pictures! I should dig these out and re-photograph them.

"Plague Doctor"

When I made this, a coworker said it looked like a mix between a Harry Potter character and a Sith lord.


"Too Salty"

Patch made for a friend!

"Pretty Pretty Pretty Good"
Larry David quote, a present for a friend

"Gentleman Octopus"

Made for the Feeling Stitchy March stitch along

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"I'm What's Inside Ya"
Meatcat, Cheesy Blasters Mascot

I really really need to take a better picture of this. It's way too dark.

Meatcat, the Cheesy Blasters mascot from 30Rock.

You take a hot dog,
stuff it with some jack cheese,
fold it in a pizza,
You got Cheesy Blasters!

And then the kids say 'Thanks Meatcat!'
And Meatcat flies away on his, um, skateboard

"El Presidente"
Billie Joe Armstrong on a llama

A combo of two Tweets that Billie Joe Armstrong posted at the end of the 21st Breakdown Tour in South America

"Yay Stefon!"
Stefon, SNL

Stefon (Bill Hader), everyone's favorite City Correspondent on Weekend Update! I was too lazy to actually fill in his sleeves with an Ed Hardy apporpriate print, so I made them into a fishnet undershirt. I feel like Stefon probably has one of those in his wardrobe. It has been a few weird years, you know.

"Hey! Ho! Let's Go!"
The Ramones

same old, same old, found the image on the internet. The frame is from the Woodstock Goodwill in Portland and was 50 cents!

"Lady Gaga's Nutso Hoof Boots"

First time doing beading. I've never been quite sure if I think the Alexander McQueen boot/shoe things that Lady Gaga wore for a while were ugly or cool, but I guess that's what makes them art. Right?

We all know what art is! It's paintings of horses! - Jack Doneghy

Anyway, these were done with sequins and seed beads, plus some metallic and "satin" DMC thread on star print calico.

"Voices Carry"

I modified the Sublime Stitching free pattern "Pretty in Punk" by adding the rattail to turn it into Aimee Mann circa Til Tuesday. I wish I'd done better on the text though. It's super crooked! arg!

"Mah Boo"

this was also part of the same present as the Jay-Z piece. I found the Anderson Cooper cartoon online (here's the original:http://www.seabread.com/pages/comicgallery/AndersonCoop3.html) added the Anderson Cooper 360 logo. "Mah Boo" references the gossip blog D-listed.

"Jitterbugging Zombie Killer"

I made this for a swap on Craftster. The original pattern was of a jitterbug dancing couple and from the fifties, I believe (it came from the HoopLove flickr group)

"Flow of the Century"
I made this as a birthday present for a buddy of mine last year. This picture was taken before I added "flow of the century" last minute and never got a photo of the total finished product (I framed it in gold spray painted frame).
I've never really found a great way to chronicle my crafts and such, and I'm discovering that blogger's pretty good for displaying pictures, so I figured I'd start up a blog to post my embroidery.
I'm by no means a professional, but have been doing it on and off since about 2005. Most things I embroider are weirdo pop culture references, or other things that no one else seems to ever get. Oh well!

"Nature, Goulet"
Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet as seen on SNL and Whale Week on Late Night with Conan O'Brien