Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ugh, why is everything I try to photograph come out wonky!?! I swear, this is not as warped as it looks. or blue. or crooked. ahhhh

Anyway, this is the beginning and center of my Portland(ia) tea towel. It'll combine elements of the show Portlandia and my own favorite iconic things about Portland. This center part is a giant pigeon sitting on the Steel Bridge, with "put a bird on it", a line from the show(it's art!). I love the pigeons that hang out on Pioneer Square, and the I used to have to ride over the Steel Bridge for the first few months I was lived there to get to work.

Next up, is going to be this in all four corners:

I have it printed on already (though one came out crooked, so I may try bleaching and reprinting it. Or I may just leave it.) I'll add the backstory when I post the finished product's entry

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